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Nadine Bracelet

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Hand made with natural gemstone and murano beads.
Round bead size is 10mm, Bracelet innercircle is about 6 inches to 7 inches. Good Matching for Men and Women. Comfortable wearing, flexible but not loose.
Durable Construction: Made with the finest quality stretch bracelet string, doubled for extra security. Knot hidden inside beads for clean appearance.


Evil eye meaning: When a person wears or carries an evil eye with them, it guards against misfortune and from bad things happening in one's life. It helps to keep your life in balance, protects you from "bad karma" and ill-will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general. 

Saint Benedict:
Used for prayer against evil, for strength in a time of temptation, for peace amongst ourselves and the nations of the world, for light and guidance


One of a kind bracelet for spiritual protection.



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