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Tibetan Necklace

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Eight Symbols  of Good Fortune necklace is made of a tibetan wood, amulet agate, and jade. Hand strung and knotted with nylon pink cord.

This a great pendant, natural wood and 32" inches long,  vibrant necklace, it's colors consist of peach, brown, and pink.

*The head as a protective umbrella,

*The beautiful eyes as goldfish,

*The neck like a glass of good fortune, elaborate and ornate,

*The voice like a shell the rotates clockwise,

*The mind of vast wisdom as an endless knot,

*The mouth as an auspicious Pink Lotus,

The body as the banner proclaims victory over the attacking army of mara,

Feet moving on the path of Dharma a an auspicious wheel.


The Eight Symbols  give comfort and happiness in the present and in the next life.









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